DIE TOTEN HOSEN has decided to cancel its 2021 tour

DIE TOTEN HOSEN has decided to cancel its 2021 tour

Dear festival-goers,

As previously announced, tickets purchased for the 2020 edition will remain valid for 2021 as the majority of artists will be reprogrammed for the 30th Anniversary of the Rock Oz’Arènes Festival, which will be held from 11th to 14th August 2021.

DIE TOTEN HOSEN has unfortunately decided to cancel its 2021 tour (see the group’s press release on their site: https://www.dietotenhosen.de/tour).

We will inform you soon the name of the internationally renowned group that will be present for the opening of our Jubilee on Wednesday 11th August 2021 in the Avenches Arena. We look forward to seeing you among us in this magical site!

Despite a consistent and sustained situation attained through these many wonderful editions of Rock Oz’Arènes, this cancellation by the group DIE TOTEN HOSEN not only weakens the festival’s finances but also an already hard hit cultural sector.

We would therefore be delighted and grateful that you continue to support our event in order to continue the adventure with you. For this, we offer tickets holders for the evening of 12th August the possibility to keep their ticket for an evening of the 2021 edition.

Only people who bought a ticket for the evening of August 12 will be able to claim a refund from 30th June to 12th September 2020, via Ticketcorner. Despite our will, we draw your attention to the fact that an amount of CHF 5. – will be retained by this ticketing service in order to participate in administrative costs.

Let us remain strong and united in adversity because every little gesture of solidarity is important!

THANK YOU for your trust, support, understanding and loyalty.

Let’s rock and love!

Rock Oz’Arènes Festival