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The site of the Avenches Arena

2000 years ago, the town of Avenches, then called Aventicum, was the capital of Roman Helvetia and had approximately 20’000 inhabitants. Founded on an axis of strategic importance of the Swiss plateau and connecting the waterways. The beautiful Roman city was largely destroyed in 275-277 CE by the Alemanni. The amphitheater, which is among the largest in Switzerland (115 m x 87 m), is currently the best preserved north of the Alps. For its construction, the Romans used a natural hill they had excavated in part. In its prosperous period, it offered 16’000 seats to people of all social classes, who could attend animal, men and gladiators fights.


Rock Oz’Arènes over the years

When the first edition of Rock Oz’Arènes festival was launched in 1995, who could have imagined that this newborn was going to prosper so well to become a great teen? An unruly teenager, but already sounding like an old veteran. For over twenty years, the Rock Oz’Arènes festival has emerged as a key institution of the French-speaking scene, Swiss and European. With a growing audience, the presence of the best Swiss and international artists and its incomparable atmosphere it has created its own quality label. Come once to Avenches Arena for a concert is certainly a highlight, in a place where two millennia ago, lions and Gallo-Roman gladiators fought. Today, the popular festival morphs towards its new edition, which will take place as every year in August.