Practical Info


Tickets are available on our website and in TicketCorner outlets.

Combined tickets with transportation

Rock Oz’Arènes and HelvéCie have organized special busses from the main cities of Switzerland Romand. You can purchase “Ticket + Bus” packages on our site or at TicketCorner outlets. For questions or reservations about the transport at 0840 43 43 43 or


Wednesday 9th August 2016: 18h00 - 03h00
Thursday 10th August 2016: 18h00 - 03h00
Friday 11th August 2016: 18h00 - 05h00
Saturday 12th August 2016: 16h00 - 04h00
Sunday 13th August 2016: 16h - 00h00

Access by car

Highway A1, exit Avenches (35 minutes from Lausanne, 20 minutes from Bern)


The platform puts public drivers and passengers in contact for common trips. It allows road users to create a user account to access and insert free ads online or via SMS. The service is non-profit and allows everyone to do something for the environment while saving on travel expenses. Access to the site is also available via certain mobile services. Inscriptions at


The centre of Avenches is closed and banned from entering. The immediate vicinity of the festival site are not recommended, some areas are closed to traffic. Parking spaces are provided near the station, the football field and the industrial area. From here it is a 5 minute walk to the arena. Be sure to follow the "Public" signs.

By bus

The Festival Rock Oz'Arènes in collaboration with HelvéCie, provide a bus service. Festival goers can book their travel directly when purchasing their ticket to the festival, on our website or at FNAC and TicketCorner outlets. It is always possible to purchase return trip at the festival.

Three Bus lines are available:
- Line 1 : Geneva – Nyon – Lausanne – Yverdon – Avenches
- Line 2 : Chailly – Montreux – Romont – Bulle – Fribourg – Avenches
- Line 3 : Bienne – Neuchâtel – Morat – Avenches

For more details or for reservations: ou 0840 43 43 43

By train

Three CFF routes serving the city of Avenches:
- Lausanne – Palézieux – Moudon – Payerne – Avenches
- Neuchâtel – Ins – Morat – Avenches
- Bern – Kerzers – Morat – Avenches

Times are avalable in all train stations, by telephone, 0900 300 300 or the website

Camping and lodging

Rock Oz'Arènes organizes festivalgoer camping at the Avenches football field. This camp is open only to ticket holders from Wednesday August 9 at noon to Sunday August 13 at noon. This campsite costs 10 francs per day per person. Animals, vehicles, lights and musical instruments are prohibited in the campsite.
There is also a youth hostel, and hotels throughout the region.
For more information, contact the Tourist Office, Avenches: 026 676 99 22 or

Storage Point

A storage point is open every night of the Festival when the doors open until the end of the last concert on the Main Stage.
Price: CHF 2 per object.
All objects not reclaimed at the storage point during the opening hours can be reclaimed during the day at the Festival office (026 675 44 22).

Bars and Stalls

During the festival, various food stalls offer the possibility to eat. Many bars line the Festival site.

Opening hours for bars and stalls:
- Monday 1st August: de 16h to midnight
- Wednesday, 3rd August: from 18h to 03h
- Thursday, 4th August: from 18h to 04h
- Friday, 5th August: from 18h to 05h
- Saturday, 6th August: from 16h to 04h
- Sunday, 7th August: from 16h to midnight

Good to know

The concerts take place in any weather. Tickets are not refunded in case of cancellation of an artist. All exits before 23h Festival are final.

Forbidden objects

All dangerous objects, glass bottles and PET, recording devises, video, audio and photo, as well as umbrellas

Disability access

Persons in wheelchairs must pay the standard ticket price, however, if they are in need of a companion, the companion does not pay entry. A zone is provided for people with disabilities at the summit of the Arenas in the metallic bleachers. Please reserve your places in advance at